Red Carpet: The Oscars 2012


(From top left to bottom right: Jovani 157813, La Femme 17669, Terani 95220p, Jovani 171231) The Oscars is definitely the most exciting time of the Year.  All the stars looked absolutely stunning this year, most ladies sit in front of the TV watching the stars walk the red carpet and think, “Can I have that […]

Flattering Backless Prom Dresses – Igniting your Teenage Prom Dream


In every wardrobe, backless dresses should never be outdated because its one of the most sought after versatile dress that staple any pump heels and clutches.  It looks stunning for women of any figure because it highlights the slender back area which makes a woman look thinner.  Backless prom dress draw attention to the body […]

Choosing the Cream of the Crop Prom Dresses


Everyone struggle in finding the perfect prom dress that will suit their body type and figure. Great thing that Missesdressy’s close presents well-spring selection of diversified Prom dresses with glamorous designs and embellishments. Set aside all your apprehensions regarding your flaws because you can still enjoy the rest of the Prom Night wearing your perfect […]

Steal her style: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Steal Her Look

She’s an English model and actress, new but not so new in Hollywood. She’s gorgeous and her daily style is effortlessly fabulous. So what is fashion for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? I’m pretty sure most of you have seen “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”. Remember Carly Spencer, the new girlfriend of Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf)? Thanks to her modelling background, Rosie’s always able to choose the perfect outfit with body-hugging silhouette. […]

Spring/Summer from Aidan Mattox


We love this time of year here at – all the new lines start piling in to our show room and a whole new palette of Summer colors give us inspiration! We love this new vidoe for the S/S 12 collection by Aidan Mattox at MissesDressy. Check out the mix of bolds and pastels […]

7 MUST HAVE items (in your purse)

7 must have items

Although we think we have prepared everything perfectly, usually there are always things that make us panic when we’re enjoying the excitement of a party. Those things are usually not far from the small problems that arise from the dress we wear or other things that can interfere with our appearance or confident. To solve it all, […]

Runway to Reality: NYFW Fall 2012

Runway to Reality

New York Fashion Week has come and gone, but the beautiful dresses that went down the runway left us all daydreaming still. Luckily for those girls who have formal events to attend <like prom for example> have perfect excuse for doing so. Alas! Daydreaming is all they’ll ever do unless money grows in their backyard […]

Prom Inspiration: Chain Up!

Prom Inspiration - Chain Up

Inspiration can indeed come from anywhere. Just imagine how the designers get their inspirations from the iron chains! They have succeeded in providing fashionable and edgy accessories from head to toe that are ready to steal your heart. Scroll down to check out this fabulous iron chains transformation. Although iron chain is identical with heavy tools as you can see on the bike pedal, fence lock, and such, but this season the […]

Jovani Prom Style Quiz!


Prom season is upon us! And luckily for you, MissesDressy has a dress for everyone! Every style, every shape, every color. So no matter what your prom there or where your prom is (or if you have a prom at all!) we have the look for you. But our huge catalogue brings a whole new […]

Prom Inspiration: 2012 Grammy Awards

Prom Inspiration - 2012 Grammy Awards

Some wore daring high slit dresses, some wore gorgeous bridal-like dresses, some wore quirky eye-catching dresses, and some stayed classic with long sleeve gowns. Crazier than usual, but you must scroll down to read the article below. Long Sleeve If the usual red carpet event filled with more revealing gowns, this year we saw many […]