Non-Cookie Cutter Brides, Meet the Rania Hatoum Collection

Rania Hatoum Bridal Collection

We are so delighted to present to you the newest addition to our roster of designer bridal couture,¬†Rania Hatoum¬†Collection. This luxury brand, with its designer (in photo below) as its namesake, boasts of a perfect mix of “refinement and sensuality” expressed through the use of luxurious fabrics and through intricate embellishments. Don’t get us wrong […]

Get Your Party Shoes at!

Desktop-003 sure is growing so fast we can barely keep up! Along with the launch of the newest version of our website, we’ve got new labels coming on board–one of which is Your Party Shoes. Owned by a corporation that’s been in the fashion industry since 1988, Your Party Shoes was created to cater to […]