7 Ways To Get Rid of Static Cling With Things Around Your House


Static cling is every fashion girl’s worst nightmare, and there is no time that static cling strikes quite like winter. Because static occurs when electric charges accumulate on fabrics that are rubbing together, especially in a dry environment, the combination of tights, and a skirt, and dry weather usually equals a static cling 911. This […]

11 Winter Styling Tricks That Will Make Your Legs Look Longer


Sadly, we weren’t all born with legs like a supermodel. For many of us, dreams of strutting our long limbs down the Victoria’s Secret runway, or more simply, wearing new jeans without first having the length altered, expired long, long ago. We hear you, shorty. Fortunately, fashion can fix that, with outfits that will instantly […]

25 Fierce Ways to Style a Leopard Coat


Honestly, there’s no better shortcut to looking cool than by throwing on a leopard coat. Part rock and roll, part uptown glam, and totally fierce, a feline-printed coat—especially in real or faux fur—can instantly up your winter style game. Whether paired with jeans and a tee, a cool LBD, or even with other prints for the ultimate […]

How to Take Care of Suede Shoes in the Winter


Suede shoes and boots in the winter are a big fashion yes. Keeping your suede in good shape during the winter? That’s where things get more complicated—wintry elements like rain, sleet, and snow aren’t particularly kind to suede shoes. That being said, with a little bit of planning, and some extra attention, you don’t have […]

Can You Wear Black to a Wedding? We Settle the Debate Once and For All


  When it comes to fashion rules, there aren’t a lot we’re prepared to advocate. In fact, we’ve spent a lot of time in recent months encouraging stylish young women to break these so-called style mandates that, frankly, just aren’t that relevant anymore. Such as? The “can you wear wear black to a wedding” debate. […]