8 Style Tricks to Steal From Brigitte Bardot


One part style icon, one part sex symbol, French actress Brigitte Bardot set the standard for top-notch personal style during the 1960s and 1970s with her combination of perfect bikinis and floppy hats, buttoned-up pantsuits, and simple dresses with shockingly short hemlines. Decades later, women around the world still aspire to dress exactly like her, […]

The Best Street Style From London Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week is over, and that means one thing: The style crowd is swarming London. As fashion month heads north, so does the flock of editors, bloggers, models, and buyers who attend the shows. Compared with those in New York, the London shows are a little more gritty, dark, and edgy—think heavy fabrics, […]

20 New Ways to Wear Denim Skinnies This Season


We’re willing to bet every single person reading this right now owns a pair of skinny jeans—they’re versatile, they’re cool, they’re easy to find at every price point. However, we also bet every single person reading this has wondered, at some point or another, how to wear skinny jeans and still look different every day. There’s only so […]

Why the ‘No White After Labor Day’ Rule is Total BS


You know that pesky fashion “rule” that decrees thou shalt never wear white after Labor Day? Well, it’s time to toss it out the window once and for all. This is an antiquated mandate that countless designers and fashion stars have proved wrong during the past few seasons, by showing us white isn’t only appropriate […]

15 Ways to Mix and Match Your Earrings Like a Pro


You did the #armparty thing back in 2012 when bloggers like Leandra Medine made it a sensation, then we all started wearing giant ear cuffs when that trend had its moment last year. Now, we’ve progressed to a new kind of statement accessory: The #earparty. Specifically, it’s a trend that has models, bloggers and the […]