Best + Worst + Boring 2012 Celebrity Halloween Costumes

As people all over the globe gear up for Halloween events tonight, celebrities have already gotten the party started. Not too long ago we counted down a few of our all time favorite celeb costumes, before we got a glimpse at what they’d be sporting this year. Some costumes were pulled off well, while others needed help, and others sent us straight to sleep! From mermaids, to the Queen of the Nile, to totally unidentifiable we’re still scratching our heads over here. Check out a rundown of this years best, worst, and boring celebrity costumes!


Hilary Duff in Dia de los Muertos costume

She definitely gets the “Best Makeup” award for the great details. We’re creeped out– in a good way.

Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley and boyfriend, Roger Mathews as Geeks

Not the most inventive idea, but the Jersey Shore stars look adorable and it’s nice to see them in nerdy garb– hope it rubs off!

Stacy Keibler as Black Swan

George Clooney’s beau looks classic and gorgeous, as usual.

Heidi Klum as Queen of the Nile

Oh, Heidi. Leave it to you to bring it home once again– nailed it!


P. Diddy as Prince

The media mogul may know how to run his biz, but this costume makes us want to just run away. Far away– yikes!

Christina Aguilera as uh, a princess?

We can only base our loose interpretation of Chrisitna’s costume on her boyfriend’s armor. Princess or damsel in distress may be what she was going for, but she looks more like Nikki Minaj after a bear attack.


Kim Kardashian as a mermaid

If it wasn’t for Halloween, this dress could easily be another one of her red carpet looks. Nice, but a snoozer.

Paris Hilton as Alice in Wonderland

Cute, but she looks like she could possibly go wait tables after the Halloween bash.


Let us know what you think– did these celebs nail it or not?

Image Source: Huffington Post


  1. love Kim Kardashian as a mermaid

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