Fun and Fab Cocktail Dresses

We’re quite certain that you guys are starting to get excited for the holidays for a lot of reasons; And, we’re definite that among these reasons is the chance to get dolled up for the parties, which you’ll either attend or host. We know, because well, we can’t wait, too! Why? Well if you must ask (*wink), the newest collections of cocktail dresses have just rolled in, and we’ve spotted a lot of pieces that we ourselves would love to parade in soon; of course, there couldn’t be a more timely excuse to do that than the holiday parties. See below just a few of our favourites from the newest, fun and fab cocktail dresses, and just maybe, you’ll find a few of yours as well.

Jovani Cocktail

These dresses are show-stopping, glamorous, and sexy. What, with the abundance of embellishments that are strategically and tastefully combined, these dresses would certainly make heads turn.

Jovani 1696

Jovani 491

Sherri Hill

These dresses are quite regal while still hinting sensuality. We love the intricate details and the delicious silhouettes.

Sherri Hill 21045

Sherri Hill 21157

Eva Franco Dresses

Eva Franco dresses have that womanly sophistication. The dresses below show just that. Don’t they just remind you of the Audrey Hepburn style in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

Eva Franco LC5201B

Eva Franco LC5213

Alyce After Five Cocktail Dresses

Alyce After Five Cocktail Dresses feature a wide range of style that goes from polished to unique. The dresses below absolutely aren’t designed for blending in.

Alyce Designs 4291

Alyce Designs 4300

Have you considered yet what look you’re going for –glitz and glam, edgy, romantic, flirty, or all out sexy?  We’re sure you’ll look fantastic. Do tell us your holiday fashion story soon!

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