Artistic+Posh Aztec Prints

Aztec print remains a hot trend on the streets, in celebrity fashion, and on the runway. And, we here at couldn’t wait  to get “cultured” with it.

Aztec print includes patterns with loud lively and daring colour combinations, and/or a mix of bold geometric shapes and artistic lines like triangles and circles with zigzags and swirls, originally seen from the clothing of ancient Aztecs from Central Mexico. The beauty of this tribal print is in its adaptability and unique appeal; Because, though coming from long ago, ironically, this print gives out a instantaneously trendy, fashion-forward flair when used to give a look that chic “cultured edge“.

Aztec colours could be neon, metallic, or earthy, and looks great combined with leather or denim. Accessorize with feathers or fringe and you become that bohemian glamouzona. As Aztec print trend dominates the style world, our trusty designers provide us with the apparel to cope. Choose from ethnic trousers, shorts, dresses, skirt, bags, belt, bangles, and even shoes.


Louise Gray


If you want to try this trend for yourself, we suggest that you invest in pieces that are flexible, like a dress that could go well with a platform for nighttime and a simple flats for daytime. Remain in your individuality. You don’t need to do outrageous if you’re the posh type. Try Aztec print in black and white or monochrome to get that polished and modest look. Or go zany in brights if you’re on the corky side but balance it with solid colors to keep it classy. Take your cue from these stylish celebs.

Blake Lively, Christina Milian, Elle Varner, Hilary Duff

Jessica Alba, Elsa Pataky, Kaley Cuoco, Tia Mowry

Kate Bosworth, Kim Kardashian, Lucy Hale, Beyonce Knowles

Join us as we get “cultured” with Aztec print. Happy shopping!



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