Katy Perry in the Roaring 20′s with GHD

Meet Katy & Scarlet! Long time GHD ambassador Katy Perry has been transformed in the latest campaign to a 20′s goddess, complete with textured GHD curls. We love her 20′s inspired looks. Katy is such a versatile model that she can rock any genre, but at MissesDressy we think this might just be her best yet.

To get Katy’s (or Scarlet’s) glamorous dark look, we have picked out some gorgeous pieces from our collection. The key features in this look are the sweetheart neckline, the florlength black drapping and the killer, almost waist high slit.

Filling the other 20′s look of choice, the Flapper, Katy fits in perfectly. We can just imagine Katy dancing the night away in a piano bar back in the day! Luckily, the flapper look is one if the past trends that never seems to go out of fashion, so take a look at our picks below. So as not to over do it, go with fringing just on the bottom half maybe, with a sculpted bodice for a slightly more modern look.

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