Nail Art

I imagine every girl likes to get pampered once in a while like going to the spa, getting a facial or simply a manicure can make a girl happy.  Walking out of the house with not so good-looking chipped nail polish honestly isn’t pretty and unattractive so if you have time it’s always good to make your nails look pretty because sometimes the first thing some people might look at are your nails.  Nail art has become very big throughout the last couple of years especially in the asian world for example Japan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand etc.  Some people leave the salon with a simple plain color, some like drawn on patterns but some people might like their nails to look rather outrageous by adding some lace, beads, 3D flowers, 3D cartoon characters, 3D bows and many more on their nails.  Flashing nail art is a fun thing as it’s not only a beauty statement but it’s slowly also becoming a fashion statement too, sometimes nails need to match what you’re wearing too.

As a girl myself when I see pretty gorgeous nails on some girls, in the magazine and on the internet I’d get a little fascinated myself and want to get the same done to mine too, but if it’s too outrageous then I would give it a miss.  I suppose I would only get gel patterned nails and no further than that as I personally don’t like to make a statement with my nails.  Do you like nail art and how far did you go with it?  Let us know!

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