Shoesday Tuesday: Out-of-the-Box London Fashion Week

Rounding out the fashion Olympics, London Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week closed today. And boy oh boy has it been a joyride. Since the festivities began last Friday it has not disappointed in the wow-factor department. Ready-to-wear collections from some of the worlds top designers pushed the envelope with what’s considered everyday wear. I must say, next spring is going to be a killer season for fashion. Take a look at fabulous footwear and garments from this weeks runway shows.

Louise Gray S/S 2013 RTW

I’m convinced that this collection was dedicated to breaking every faux pas written in the fashion handbook. Prints, frills, colors, sheer, metallic, layers, wedges,– you name it and this collection had it ten fold! Even the footwear was eccentric, mixing printed socks/stockings and shoes. Yet miraculously every look was pulled together. By sheer stroke of genius, everything worked. More than just a treat for the eyes, it’s clear that Lousie Gray knows creativity and cool. Well.

Burberry Prorsum S/S 2013 RTW 

Ever since the Burberry Prorsum collection hit the runway yesterday I can’t click through our Twitter feed without seeing or reading about it. An obvious crowd favorite, this line incorporated rich, vibrant colors, shiny and metallic fabrics, and sleek silhouettes. In this case, you have not choice but to believe the hype. It’s simply fabulous.

Richard Nicoll S/S 2013 RTW 

This collection is lady-on-the-go meets sportswear. Cotton and mesh fabrics along with converted sweat suits almost suggest there’s a place for high fashion on the nearest basketball court. Each look is inventive and fashion forward while maintaining a certain level of comfort. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to let that inner b-girl out and still project decorum and style, here it is.

Peter Pilotto S/S 2013 RTW

Geo shapes and clean lines are usually opposites but this collection effortlessly merges the two. Spring colors like bright reds, yellows, and blues, funky prints, and perfect fit make the line fresh and fun. The shoes also follow suit, staying sleek with lots of detail.

Christopher Kane S/S 2013 RTW 

Nuts, bolts, and architecture all describe this highly structured collection. The shoes in particular translate some sort of telephone cord, wired, screwed on motif and complement the construction behind the clothing. This line is modern technology meets modern fashion. Quirky yet surprisingly wearable. We can dig it. 

JW Anderson RTW S/S 2013

Extreme femininity mated with androgyny and birthed this remarkable line. Frilly skirts and tops, paired with bulky boots and shoes make each look an interesting portrayal of womenswear. We see how to look ultra lady while rocking what looks like men’s footwear and it all seems to make sense. Though we hate picking favorites (not really, it’s fun) this is definitely one of our top of the top lines this season. Kudos.


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