Shoesday Tuesday: Real Floral Shoes!

We’ve seen a lot of footwear since we started our Shoesday Tuesday series. There have been furry ones, printed ones, platform ones, and even cloggy ones! But this week we’re actually quite taken aback. Why you ask? Probably because we have yet to see heels that take the term floral literally.


Famed florist, Francoise Weeks has created countless arrangements for special events and gatherings. But with her Botanical Couture designs she’s really outdone herself! I mean,  imagine flowers literally growing from your feet– pure insanity. Though we’ve yet to see anyone actually wearing these garden fresh heels and understand that of course they’re most likely creative centerpieces (gee, we’re not that dense), a fashion take on floristry is an interesting idea. Sure wearing living organisms while trucking it around town can present a few dilemmas (mostly the discomfort from slipping around on eucalyptus leaves) but we wouldn’t be surprised to see a pair of these puppies hit a runway or two. Couture fashion would never be the same. 

While you think over the immense fashion potential, flip through a few of Weeks’ gorgeous shoe creations. I can hear them laughing at my floral print pants and blouses…

Mossy Botanical Shoe

Botanical Shoes Embellished with Orchards

Peach and Green Botanical Couture

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