Spring/Summer Style: Crochet


The only way you can wear wool clothing in the summer time, is if there are lots of holes in it. Case in point: the crochet trend that is sweeping the fashion world this summer. And it’s not just crochet clothing – knit, weave, and macramé are all variations on this holey style. This look […]

Fashion Trend: The Neutral Maxi Skirt


Neutrals are an integral part of every girls wardrobe due in part to the fact that they can mix and match with almost every item in your closet including each other. Colors are fun and indeed an essential, but without a few key neutral pieces, you’ll continually find yourself surrounded by bright colors that lack […]

Morocco Inspired Fashion & Decor


“Do you want to go to Morocco with me?” Penny Lane asks William Miller in Almost Famous. “We are never going to Morocco are we?” William to Penny. Cut to end of the movie, “One way ticket to Morocco please.” Penny Lane. I will never get sick of this movie and these few lines sum up […]

Summer Fashion Trend: The Floral Crop Top


One of this summers hottest fashion trends is the “floral crop top”. The floral crop top is ingrained in the memory of children who grew up in the ’90s. Why? Well obviously it’s because “Saved by the Bell” babe Kelly Kapowski famously wore a floral crop, high-wasted jeans combo that more relevant than ever today. Here’s the […]

Denim on Denim Dream


DO DENIM ON DENIM No, it doesn’t have to look like you’re off to the rodeo.  The trick is to mix fabric weights and washes. Try a light chambray shirt with dark skinny jeans, and layer with a fitted denim vest. Inject some glam with a pair of towering heels. There are a few tricks […]

StreetStyle: Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

unnamed (4)

Ripped jeans are back! That’s something everybody already knows… If you don’t own a pair of ripped jeans you should get one soon! We recently saw many models, fashion bloggers and celebrities wearing different styles of ripped jeans. Depending on what they were combined with their looks were more sporty or more elegant & feminine. If […]

Spring 2014 Color Trend: Blush

unnamed (1)

Rose or blush pink is for  sure to be the color of next spring for so many reasons. It pairs nicely with so many colors, meaning it’s wearable. It’s also incredibly flattering on all skin types. And it looks great with the natural makeuo that’s been all Even though it’s girly, it’s the fresh and edgy color for […]

Spring/Summer 2013 Trend: Crop Tops and Bralettes

SS 13 Trend by MissesDressy

Crop tops (examples above) and bralettes (like the ones below), have always been used to make that modern, edgy, fierce fashion statement. And according to fashionising.com, they may well continue to be a fresh style even if they are repeated era after era because they are, “a trend that can never become over-saturated – it’s not for everyone”. […]

Hot Fall 2012 Color: Oxblood


Fall 2012 calls for us to be sultry and mysterious with the hottest color of the season, oxblood. Others refer to it as chianti, while it’s burgundy for some; but we’d like to stick to its oxblood moniker as it perfectly captures its hot but elegant appeal. A perfect mix of red and purple (which […]

Fashion Imitates Art: Baroque Style


When mixing art and fashion, the outcome is often interesting (think Claudia Kishi) that is why when you frequently find yourself looking through your wardrobe, feeling desperate and/or uninspired, I suggest you spend some time in a museum, absorb what you see, and let it be your inspiration. You don’t have time, you say? Well, […]