Ways to Pull Off High Gladiator Sandals This Summer


We’ve seen ’em and loved ’em on the runway, and now they’ve graduated to street-style status: We’re talking about high gladiator sandals, summer’s answer to the knee-high boot. During the last few seasons, designers such as Valentino, Rodarte, and Chloe paired flowing dresses, micro-minis, and tight pants with the bold shoe, and now we’re seeing […]

Pearls Are Cool Again! 10 Modern Ways to Wear Them


One thing about pearls is that they somehow always seem to feel either really modern, or completely dull. In the case of this season, it’s the former. With labels from Miu Miu to Dries Van Noten and Gucci showing pearl-adorned fuzzy slides and elegantly embellished heels or loafers, embedded with the shiny extra on the […]

The Bold Colors Everyone Will Be Wearing This Spring


While we can’t deny the ease and effortlessness of the all-black ensemble, life is unequivocally more fun with color splashed in. That’s why we can’t stop pining over the eye-explosive spring color trends that are about to invade our closets. Hot pinks, golden yellows, rich indigos, and playful mauves—these are the hues that we guarantee will upturn winter frowns into giddy […]

Flawless Spring Outfits to Inspire You All Season


Personally, I’m of the mind that consistently drumming up spring outfits is harder than doing it in any other season. Who cares what you wear in the winter?—your massive coat covers it all up—and during the summer, things like shorts and tank tops are always appropriate. The same can’t be said in spring, when the weather’s […]

4 Fun DIY Manicure Ideals That WIll Flaunt Your Engagement Ring


What’s better than a gorgeous, salon-worthy manicure to go with your engagement ring? Not a whole lot! That’s why we searched the Internet high and low for fun, creative nail art ideas.     Nude Polish with Silver Glitter Neutral polish is always sophisticated, but the hit of glitter at the nail beds is exciting, […]

8 Style Tricks to Steal From Brigitte Bardot


One part style icon, one part sex symbol, French actress Brigitte Bardot set the standard for top-notch personal style during the 1960s and 1970s with her combination of perfect bikinis and floppy hats, buttoned-up pantsuits, and simple dresses with shockingly short hemlines. Decades later, women around the world still aspire to dress exactly like her, […]

How to Wear White Denim Skirts This Summer


Trends are recyclable, and one that we’re particularly psyched to welcome back: White denim skirts. When you first think of white denim skirts, you might think of the short mini skirts that were a best seller at Abercrombie & Fitch throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. While, yes, if properly styled those can be totally […]

How To Wear High Heels Without Pain: 8 Tips That Really Work


It’s the age old question every woman: How to wear high heels without pain.. Many of us (guilty, here) have throughout the years adopted a “grin and bear it” attitude, choosing our love for stylish shoes over our desire to be comfortable. It’s a trait we aren’t necessarily proud of, and one that regularly has the […]

How to Shop For the Perfect Vintage Levi’s: A Complete Guide


If you’re like me and prefer the ultra butt-flattering, high-waisted, stiff denim of vintage Levi’s over the stretchy skinny stuff of contemporary jeans, you’ve probably asked yourself many of the same questions I’ve had: What are the best styles to look for? What’s the hell is up with the weird sizing? How do I make […]

High Heels made with 3D-Imaging Take the Streets of New York City

TrueGault Heels

In the market for some new high heels, but dreading the fact that no pair of heels will ever make you feel as good as they look. True Gault Shoes to the rescue: True Gault has set up their Digital 3-D Scanning Store Novmeber 21, 22, 23rd in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, at […]