Tricky Dresses: What to Wear Underneath?

Have you noticed dresses can be tricky these days? They are pretty, or edgy, but tricky. Say, you’ve found your dream dress for this holiday season and it’s such a fabulous dress, be it silk dress or backless or deep V-neck or cut out. Here comes the problem, what do you wear underneath?
We all want to look stunning and classy without exposing bras, panty lines, or any other body parts that are always insistent on making their own appearances.

Have you ever wonder how Blake Lively able to pull off her style even with daring outfits? Well, let’s reveal her secret…


Deep V-neck Dress

It’s flirty but you want to keep it classy. Pick a deep plunge bra, if your dress is light or sheer; simply pick nude color.


Cinched Waist

When you gain a bit weight or temporary bloated, this dress will make it obvious. But don’t worry because all you need is a cinched pair of high-waisted underwear to keep your middle section tight.


Cut Out

With this dress, you’d want to show off your sexy figure and perky cleavage. But what kind of bra can accommodate it?
Backless bra is the answer. Each cup of this bra sticks onto your breasts with a reusable adhesive, then fasten them up, and you’ll get instant cleavage!



A low back dress is stunning! Some people choose not to wear a bra, but it’s always best to wear a bra depending on the style of the dress. If the neckline is not so low, wear a low-back multi-way bra that can be worn in so many ways (picture: in pink), if the neckline is low or deep V-neck, backless bra will be a smart solution.


Slim Fit

You want to look perfectly fit in this dress. A full coverage bodysuit is the answer. It will make you look slimmer, give you instant cleavage, and basically enhance your whole appearance.


We hope this post will help you look fabulous on your special party. Choose the perfect underwear, wear the gorgeous dress, and dance the night away!



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